WSYB has an exciting announcement for 2&3 and 4&5 Grade Boys!

2&3 Grade Boys

We will continue to offer our 2&3 Grade Boys WSYB League Division with the purpose and intent to allow all players guaranteed playing time, no steals to allow all kids chance to dribble, and no full court press. We will continue with the evaluation process followed by a Draft where the Coaches will select their own teams. Coaches must be at Evaluations and must be present to draft their teams.

4&5 Grade Boys

The 4&5 Grade Boys will also have their division where rules are a little restrictive and our focus is instruction with a competitive edge.


WSYB will offer a League for all area 2nd & 3rd Grade Boys and 4th & 5th Grade Boys teams to play in an organized League on the Westside of Evansville. Introducing WSYB Open League! Our primary goal is to retain our Westside talent on the Westside! The ONLY way to get on a team in this division is to have a team that is pre-selected. In this league there will be NO EVALUATION OR DRAFT as teams are pre-selected by a head coach. The WSYB Open League will have no guaranteed playing time and very minimal, if any, alterations to IHSAA High School basketball rules. We will adjust the amount of time allowed to press, along with other specifics, during the Coaches Meeting for the WSYB Open Leagues. We will play these games at times that will NOT affect school team basketball, including parochial schools! We are making every effort to allow the Mater Dei feeder teams to participate! We will also work around Weekend Tournaments so that you’ll never have to miss a game!

OPEN LEAGUE PARTICIPANTS CAN REGISTER ONLINE! Be sure to list your Open League Coaches Name when prompted.

Open League team Coaches will be responsible for turning rosters into WSYB Staff by Saturday, October 31.

Please help spread the word with any Coach or team that you think would even possibly be interested and stay tuned for more details!

We look forward to your support this season, and with strong support we anticipate expanding this idea into other WSYB League Divisions in the future! Save that drive across town and support your local WSYB League!

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